Scale Of Judgment

by Mase

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Scale Of Judgment


released March 21, 2017

Recorded/Mixed by Will Hirst @ Gate 4 Studio
Mastered by Nick Bellmore @ Dexter's Lab
Artwork by Eric Hesseltine
Guest Vocals on "Sentenced" by Sam Stiles of The Abductor's
All songs written by Mase



all rights reserved


MASE Connecticut

Four Piece Hardcore Band From CT

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Track Name: Sentenced (Feat. Sam Stiles)
When you first got out you said you'd never go back
You're actions told a different story, you didn't do jack
I don't know what you want from me cause' I always had your back
Now all I hear is excuses but all I see is facts

You fucked up. Right back to doing dirt
Robbing and stealing, just to get a perk
I don't know what you want from me cause' I always held you down

Defended you like a brother, now I look like a clown
How you did me was so fucked up
When I never did you wrong
You gotta serve your sentence

I won't be writing or accepting those calls
Don't expect a visit while you're back behind those walls
Don't drag me down. Live it alone. Sentenced.
Track Name: Fall In Line
Corporate America, it's all around me
Corporate America, it's so plain to see
The middle class will be in the past
While the rich just get fucking richer

Fall in line, fall in line
The bigwig bastards will all rule in time
Fall in line, fall in line
Don't expect change from the high class slimes

Phony to your face
Extend their hand to gain trust
While they shove it down your throat without even a fuss
We don't need them but they need you and me
Without us what the fuck would they do?

Fall in line, fall in line
The bigwig bastards will all rule in time
Fall in line, fall in line
Don't expect change from the high class slimes

Work your ass off. Never get ahead
We're just a number, they're not our friends
Got to get out, while you still can
Track Name: Scale Of Judgment
Fuck anyone who's ever doubted me
Looked down on me
Or had a problem with who I'm tryna be
You can take your opinion and go fuck yourself
I am who I am and that will never expel

You lit the match that ignites into flame
That burned the bridge between you and me
I kept it real while you change like seasons
Too busy fence walking trying to please them

Kissing ass is second nature to you
But that's not me, I remain true
So who the fuck are you to fucking judge me?
I always kept it real, while you're as fake as can be
Track Name: Pull The Plug
The internet is an amazing place
Where you can talk your shit to no one's face
Someday soon, you'll learn first hand
You're the type of person I can't fucking stand

Pull the plug

A platform of nothing for them to spew their shit
Voicing their point when they're completely irrelavant
These are the same people who do nothing when they see you
Quick to talk shit from behind a computer

Pull the plug

Calling all kids who fit this description
You don't have a clue so why the fuck are you bitching?
Your words don't mean shit and ain't changing things either
So do us all a favor and refrain from the preaching
Track Name: Crimes
One point in time, my life was a mess
Didn't know what to do, how to start fresh
Fight after fight, night after night
It all made sense and it all felt right

Didn't matter who it was
Anyone could get it
Name the time and place
We were all with it
It was put up or shut up and I was the type to defend
Defend my own self as well as my friends

It was a violent time, they were some violent crimes
None of us gave a fuck, there were just negative vibes
Humanity was the enemy, society was the problem
At this rate, no one was gonna stop us

You think I give a fuck?
We felt it was right
Settling our problems right there on sight