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released March 29, 2015

Will Hirst @ The Brock Closet,
PUS, Spite, Militant, No Way Out



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MASE Connecticut

Four Piece Hardcore Band From CT

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Track Name: Loyal To The Grave
Loyal to the grave, thats the only way i can be, no matter what i do treat my friends like family

When push comes to shove id be there right by your side. Fuck me over, think again cause that shit doesnt fly.
Id bend over backwards for a fuckin friend, do what i can to get them through til the end.

Some turned foes, some turned enemies, but even they know how plane it is to see, the person that iclaim to be is who you'll fuckin meet.
Had it thrown in my face, did it all for nothing, just to be called fake by the ones that i provided everything.

A roof over your head, and some food in your mouth, sacrifice after sacrifice so shit didnt go south.

Would do all i could so you had a fuckin bed. Thats the kind of man i am and will be til im fuckin dead, if thats not what you see put a bullet in my head, i cannot go much longer for, much longer for , kids i once called friends
Track Name: CTHC
Cthc its whats were all about, cthc its what we live for, cthc yea were down for the core, cthc and theres nothing more.

Connecticut yea this is our scene, we live it we breath it its what we believe, so if you got something to say, you can step the fuck up and see what we mean.

Were not here because its a trend were all here because we dont pretend, and we dont have time for any fake ass friends.

Cthc its whats were all about, cthc its what we live for, cthc yea were down for the core, cthc and theres nothing more.

So many people tried to keep us down, labeled us fakes but they won't even come around, they don't know about our scene , won't come to a show they just hide behind the screen

But we wont let them break us we stand together, a brotherhood like no other. Connecticut yea this is our scene noone can break us down or get in between.
Track Name: Weed Out The Weak
Thought I fucking knew you, didn't know you at all,
you stabbed me in my back, you watched me fall
As you stood over me while you watched me bleed
Hope it was worth it motherfucker hope it's worth the greed

So fuck you
I got something to say
So fuck you

Saw you few weeks later you where down the road, as we ran up you said sorry I was on some blow but still we beat you, you got fucked up your on your own we jacked your wallet and your car keys have fun getting home..


So you think it's over it just begun, hope you know you fucked up hope your not alone. Next time when I see you, you'll know what I mean, I'll run up in your fucking house and weed out the weak!
Track Name: Walking Contridiction
Walking contradiction that's all you fucking are.
walking contradiction you won't get very far. Friends have come and friends have gone, but all ive realized is who the real ones are.

you're mind is a wreck and you're all fucked up, got no where to go kid you're shit out of luck.
You cry, you lie, you talk your shit but noone gives a fuck were fuckin over it.

So go somewhere else with your fake ass image. noone wants to hear it cause we all know youre privileged.

You never been through shit and we all know that. You think you lived that life but its the struggle that you lack.( Youre just a walking contradiction )and its a matter of fact. (You wore out your welcome)and theres no turning back. (Walking contradiction) and Theres no turning back.
Track Name: Constant Battle
The anxiety thats in my mind drives me nuts from time to time, i try to find the answer but i dont know where it fuckin lies. It could be right in front of me or maybe comes to me through signs. No matter what i have to do i gotta get it off my mind.

You dont know a thing about what im goin through, but if you took a second you might just have a clue.

People say get over it that im making it up, thats some fucking bullshit why would i put on a front. Im not some fucking attention whore, what kinda person do u take me for.

You dont know a thing about what im goin through, but if you took a second you might just have a clue

No matter what i gotta do i gotta get it off my mind because i know it will just eat me up over time.The anxiety thats in my mindisnt just a funk, i cant give up i cant give in somethings gotta be done.